As you consider your journey toward ministry, the subject of higher education is certain to enter the process.  Do I get an undergraduate degree or graduate degree? Is Seminary even the necessary step to take to reach my goal?

Along the way, you will encounter some hard decision.  With this in mind, let me discuss three hard questions and provide some answers!

Q: If a Degree is in my best interest, what type of Degree Program should I pursue?

A: It depends on many variables.

The answer for what type of program will answer itself in the ministry path you choose. First let us consider, if you are a person who seeks to be a senior pastor one day, a certificate program is a great place to start but don't stop there. This is because a certificate will help you get a base education, but you will need to continue your growth process.

The great thing about Vertical Impact University is all our degrees are in Theology and you get to select your emphasis. If you choose a certificate or diploma we can help you get the right one and focus that on your ministry path.

As your are getting your certificate or degree you can concentrate on Biblical Counseling, Discipleship and Spiritual Formation, Pastoral Ministry, Worship Ministry, Healing Ministry, Leadership Studies or Marketplace Ministry. The benefit to attending an online bible college is the fact that you can take your classes in the comfort of your own home or in your favorite coffee shop.

Q: Do I have the capacity for full-time education?

A: Not if you were like me. I was working and raising a family.

If you don’t necessarily have the cash flow to attend a 4-year school full-time, then Vertical Impact University is affordable when pursuing your Bachelors Degree in Theology. You can graduate debt free. Each course is only $180.00 and you have 45 days to complete a course. That breaks down to $4.00 a day or the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Attending a 4-year school full time is expensive and, by definition, will take four years of your time to complete. For many, this is just not doable and you end up with student loans and the debt load at graduation can be large. With Vertical Impact University our degrees are a fraction of the cost of a full time university and it can take less time to get your degree. Think about this, if you took 2 courses a month you could graduate with your bachelors in a year and a half. 

Q: Would an alternative path (Certificate or Associates) meet my needs now?

A: For starters it can be.

There can be a great benefit to starting down a ministry path with a certificate or associates. It can get you in the door of ministry and you can learn about the field you are in.  Some churches offer internships or part time positions to individuals with certificates or associates.  This gets you exposed to ministry without being locked in.  If you don’t like the work and don’t see that ministry is right for you, then you are free to change your direction without feeling like you wasted money and time in a ministry that you aren’t interested in.

Q: What is the risk of delaying college until I have the money or time?

A: If you procrastinate now you will procrastinate later.

There is always a risk assessment of delaying.  Once you are in the workforce or in full-time ministry, it is hard to forego an income to attend full-time classes.  It's also a hard decision – particularly if there are others like a spouse and/or children. Without sounding redundant, Vertical Impact University makes a college education affordable for the hard working man or woman who's raising a family.

But I will end with this. My grandmother always told me, "why put off till tomorrow, what you can start today." I am a firm believer in decorating yourself. The more education you have the more people will be attracted to wanting you for the job. The great thing about an online biblical education is not only are you growing in the Lord, but you are heading your ministry career down the right path. Not only will you be educating yourself, but with Vertical Impact University you will be educating others. A portion of your tuition will help someone in a foreign country receive theirs.

If you are interested in enrolling as a new student consider Vertical Impact University today. For Student Enrollment, Click Here.

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