Benin is a tiny country and only country in the world that recognizes Voodoo as an official religion. Every year thousands of children are initiated into Voodoo. But for many poor families the cost can be unbearably high as parents are forced to sell their children to repay voodoo debts. We are in the tiny West African country of Benin where two thirds of the population worships voodoo gods. They believe that Voodoo is in their everyday life, they believe it keeps eyes on everybody, they believe voodoo is very important without voodoo they could not be walking because the lands where they are walking belong to voodoo.  

As I have labored and preached Jesus Christ message of salvation to many parts of this country, I saw my need for the unadulterated Word of God through your Ministry. There are Bible schools and churches here, but their only vision is to train men and send them out to preach or start churches that do not stand the test of time due to the demonic foundation backgrounds of those involved.

I believe that one of the greatest investments you can make is taking time out to really dive deep into the word and experience the great deliverance God has in His Word. I want to be trained by Vertical Impact University to establish a Vertical Impact Bible school in Benin Republic. I have spoken with many pastors, evangelists, who have God’s call on their lives but lack the basic spiritual preparation to go to the field.  


I believe Bible colleges are vital. A Bible college is a college in the truest sense because students learn about the highest principles from the highest source. And that’s the Bible school I want for the people of Benin and West African nations. I want both Bible schools and churches that will change lives, change nations and to change the world for Jesus. I believe and have confident that God will do this through Vertical Impact University and Network. 

Shalom and blessings

Michael Porter

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People are grateful to God for the provi
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